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Proving Medical Malpractice in LASIK Eye Surgery

Blog,Medical Malpractice • June 3, 2020

Each year, many people choose to have LASIK surgery performed on them in order to improve their eyesight. While LASIK surrey has been around for many decades now, and the majority of health care professionals consider the surgery to be a rather safe procedure, things can and do go wrong. If a patient is harmed…

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When Is a Dog Owner Responsible for Dog Bite Injuries?

Blog,Personal Injury • May 18, 2020

The old saying claims that dogs are man’s best friend, but many have justified concerns when they are near dogs they don’t know. Even dogs that are well-treated can be intensely loyal and protective toward others they deem part of their pack. This means they could respond aggressively to strangers. In situations when a dog…

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Talcum Powder Products can Lead to Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits

Blog,Personal Injury • April 30, 2020

There has been a connection found between the use of talcum powder products on a women’s genital area and an increased risk of ovarian cancer. In the United States, there have been thousands of lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson. Plaintiffs are claiming that the defendants were aware of the increased risk of ovarian cancer…

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Can I Pursue a Hernia Mesh Injury Lawsuit?

Blog,Medical Malpractice • April 29, 2020

Each year, there are more than 100,000 hernia surgeries performed in the United States, and around 80% of these surgeries now include the implantation of hernia mesh. In a majority of cases, hernia repair surgery is relatively uneventful, with most patients making a complete recovery after their procedures, but in other cases, the hernia is…

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