West Orange, NJ – Pedestrian Accident Injures Police on Interstate 280

West Orange, NJ – Pedestrian Accident Injures Police on Interstate 280

West Orange, NJ (July 30, 2019) – Police claim that this morning, around 10:20 a.m., two officers were injured in a pedestrian accident involving a dump truck and multiple other parties.

Police officers were pulled over in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 280 while responding to another accident that took place due to speeding. The troopers were out of their vehicles and talking to witnesses when a dump truck came through the area, striking the two troopers and multiple other pedestrians.

The accident left a variety of serious damages, as the dump truck tore off part of the trooper car and then flipped over, running into the ambulance at the scene for the other crash.

The dump truck immediately caught on fire. One woman had to be pulled out of her burning car.

Seven people were hospitalized with a variety of injuries. The two troopers sustained serious injuries but are expected to recover.

The investigation into the accident continues at this time.

Our sincerest thoughts are warmly extended to those recovering after this accident.

Pedestrian Accidents in New Jersey 

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