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Passenger Injuries While Riding In An Uber/Lyft

5 Common Medical Errors That Can Cause A Lawsuit

It is expected that health care providers and medical facilities provide patients with competent treatment in accordance with the standards of the medical community. When the failure of a physician or hospital to meet these standards results in the injury or death of the patient, the at-fault party can be held accountable for medical malpractice. If you or a loved one has been injured by a medical error, you may be eligible to recover lost compensation. Contact the New Jersey medical [...]

Passenger Injuries While Riding In An Uber/Lyft

What Is The Medical Standard Of Care In A Malpractice Case?

If you have reason to believe that you suffered injuries resulting from an instance of medical malpractice and are thinking of pursuing legal action, a significant portion of your claim will revolve around the legal concept of “standard of care.” In this article, we have provided some crucial information about the agreed-upon standard of care, including how this standard is established and how it applies to personal injury claims. Defining the Medical Standard of Care The medical standard of care is the [...]

Upper Freehold, NJ - 4 Injured In Off-Road Crash On I-195

Slip & Falls Are The Leading Causes Of Nonfatal Injuries

If you have lived in New Jersey for any amount of time, you won’t be surprised that snowy weather can increase your chances of being involved in a slip and fall accident. However, it may be surprising for residents of the Garden State how great the impact of this increased risk can be. These types of falls can often result in serious injuries. For many, the best-case scenario for falling on the ice is that you won’t experience more [...]

Uber & Lyft Crashes in New Jersey

10 Steps To Take Following An Uber/Lyft Collision

Experts in the car insurance industry estimate that the average American citizen will be involved in three to four car accidents during their lifetime. This statistic is actually a bit skewed by the growing popularity of rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft. In a new study, entitled “The Cost of Convenience: Ridesharing and Traffic Fatalities,” claims that “the arrival of ridesharing is associated with an increase of approximately 3 percent in the number of motor vehicle fatalities and [...]

Linden, NJ - Head-On Bus Crash Injures 2 On E Linden Ave

How Medical Records Can Play A Role In Your Case

Each medical malpractice case is unique. A case may involve medication errors, misdiagnosis, anesthesia accidents, or surgical errors. Medical malpractice essentially means that a physician or healthcare provider failed to adhere to a reasonable duty of care when providing treatment, resulting in a patient suffering harm. If a trusted physician failed to meet accepted medical standards when providing medical care–like performing surgery and leaving a medical instrument inside the body of the patient–a similar breach of duty may be [...]

Williamstown, NJ - Child Injured In Pedestrian Crash On N Main St

Do Uber & Lyft Drive Lead To An Increase In Highway Fatalities?

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft often claim that they reduce roadway fatalities. People now enlist the service of these rideshare companies after drinking or after a night out on the town. Before the ability to call a car with the touch of a phone screen, you would have to suffer long waits for a taxi cab. To forego this delay, many people would take the risk of driving drunk.  However, a recent study has shown that the safety claims [...]

Uber & Lyft Crashes in New Jersey

What To Do After A New Jersey Hit-And-Run

There are few things worse than being injured by a hit-and-run driver. These types of accidents overwhelmingly impact pedestrians and cyclists who don’t expect to be injured in a sudden accident. A driver who leaves the scene of an accident without stopping to provide aid is committing a crime.  A hit-and-run collision can leave victims with a deep feeling of helplessness. Hit-and-run drivers fail to remain at the scene of a crash and provide necessary contact information, leaving injured victims [...]

Galloway, NJ - 3 Injured In Accident At Pitney Rd & Quail Hill Blvd

Uber & Lyft Personal Injury Protection Benefits

In New Jersey, there are many questions for Uber or Lyft drivers who are involved in a car crash. The same applies to passengers or pedestrians who are injured by a ridesharing vehicle. These people may wonder who is liable to cover the costs of their ensuing medical bills and other resulting damages after a crash. New Jersey’s No-Fault Insurance Law mandates that all drivers are required to pay for their own medical expenses, no matter who is liable [...]

Passenger Injuries While Riding In An Uber/Lyft

The Value Of A Cancer Misdiagnosis Case

There are many skilled physicians and surgeons that call New Jersey home, but no doctor is incapable of making mistakes. Some of these mistakes can even be seen as negligent or reckless acts. If your trusted physician failed to diagnose or misdiagnosed your cancer, you may be wondering if you should pursue a medical malpractice claim against him or her. A case involving cancer misdiagnosis can aid patients to recover from their losses by helping them recover compensation and other [...]

Edison, NJ - Trucking Crash Kills Cyclist At NJ-27 & Vineyard Rd

Safety For Walkers & Cyclists in New Jersey

Some people choose to have less reliance on automotive transportation, opting to walk or bike, either for recreation or as a part of their daily routine. This is sometimes seen as a cheap, healthy, and eco-friendly alternative. However, being a pedestrian or cyclist has comes with its own set of unique risks. 2018 had the highest rate of pedestrian crash fatalities recorded in the United States since 1990. In just the past decade, pedestrian fatalities have increased by nearly [...]