Significant Passenger & Driver Claims Revealed in Uber Safety Report

Significant Passenger & Driver Claims Revealed in Uber Safety Report

The rapid growth of ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft has created new professional and financial opportunities for many people, but this novel form of transportation comes with a unique set of complications and problems, especially when someone is seriously injured while they are a passenger in a rideshare vehicle. In combination with the already present risks associated with traveling by car, those who use these companies are introduced to an entirely new set of concerns. Even more, those using New Jersey ridesharing services often experience difficulties when recovering damages suffered during their rides.

Uber’s Safety Standards Report

Responding to the intense competition between rideshare companies and the already growing safety concerns of both drivers and riders, Uber started a 21-month effort to review their existing safety standards in order to see where improvements could be made. While enacting their safety mission, they closely examined their existing business practices by reviewing hundreds of thousands of customers’ support requests and categorizes them according to their severity and response. 

Some Shocking Results for Passengers   

The result of that endeavor is a bit jarring. According to the results of this campaign, there were over 3,000 reported sexual assaults in 2018, and nearly 3,000 in 2017. Also, there were 5,500 other incidents involving unwanted sexual advances, such as touching and groping. Even more, the report found that there were nine murders in 2019 and another 10 in 2017, which contributed to the number of driver and passenger deaths. Lastly, the report found that the company recorded around 60 deadly collisions in 2018 and 49 in 2017.

According to claims made by Uber, this undertaking was completely voluntary on part of the company. In another statement, Uber claimed that its release of the results communicated how the company is dedicated to addressing the existing concerns of its customers and drivers. Uber wants the public to know of this report and examine the statistics in the context of car crash statistics, violence against women, and homicide rates across the country. It’s true that all forms of transportation are impacted by these same issues, but it does not reduce the reality of the many dangers faced by rideshare passengers and the difficulties they experience when pursuing a personal injury claim for lost damages. 

Coverage for a Collision Involving an Uber Driver

In past statements, Uber has publicized that they have a $1 million liability insurance policy in place in order to cover any bodily damages and property damage for eligible drivers, riders, pedestrians, and cyclists in the event of a car accident. However, this usually comes into effect when the rideshare driver is using the app and in the process of transporting passengers. In cases where the driver is on the app and is not currently ferrying any passengers, the personal injury policy of the driver and the company policy may cover the damages suffered by the victim associated with the collision, but victims should still contact a qualified New Jersey rideshare car crash attorney in order to avoid any potential lifelong financial and medical consequences resulting from a serious accident. 

Have You Been Involved in a New Jersey Car Accident?

If you or someone close to you have recently suffered severe injuries while using a rideshare vehicle in New Jersey, you may be able to recover lost financial compensation for any resulting damages. The team of skilled rideshare lawyers in New Jersey at Brady, Brady, & Reilly, LLC have represented crash victims in New Jersey since 1965. We make a promise to our clients that we will diligently fight for their case in the event they are unfairly injured by another driver. Our reputable attorneys employed at our firm have successfully represented countless injury victims in New Jersey and have recovered substantial settlements on behalf of our clients. Contact us today in order to discuss your case and see how we can help you. 

Rideshare Collisions in New Jersey

Significant Passenger & Driver Claims Revealed in Uber Safety ReportRidesharing is quickly becoming the transportation method of choice for many Americans who are trying to get around conveniently and with little cost. When passengers call a rideshare vehicle, all they have to do is log into an app on their phones and request a ride. Because of its ease, ridesharing has become extremely popular in recent years. However, any time you’re in a vehicle, you’re at risk of being injured in a serious car crash, even when you’re being transported by a rideshare driver. Some studies have found that there has been an increase in deadly collisions since the creation of uber. 

In typical collisions, the driver at fault for the accident is usually liable for the resulting damages. However, when a driver is using their vehicle for professional purposes, their employer can also be held liable. In crashes involving rideshare vehicles, determining liability can be extremely complicated. In most cases, ridesharing companies will only claim liability if the driver is using the app and transporting a passenger at the time of the accident. When the driver is logged in but doesn’t have a passenger, both the driver and the rideshare company will share some degree of liability. However, this coverage isn’t always enough to cover the full extent of damages in devastating crashes involving a pedestrian or a cyclist. In these cases, injured victims need the help of an experienced New Jersey rideshare attorney in order to recover the full value of their claim and the full extent of their damages. 

You shouldn’t ever second guess the severity of your injuries, especially when you’re injured in a rideshare accident. Victims often experience severe injuries that can disrupt their lives for years to come. The legal team at Brady, Brady, & Reilly, LLC can help you recover the compensation you deserve after being unfairly injured in a rideshare collision. Contact our law offices at (201) 997- 0030 if you or a loved one has been unfairly injured in a rideshare collision. We will ensure that your right to compensation is protected and that you recover the full value of your claim.