Questions You Might Have for a Skilled Uber Accident Attorney

Questions You Might Have for a Skilled Uber Accident Attorney

With the emergence of ride-sharing services, it is only a matter of time before we see more and more of these accidents taking place on our roadways. According to statistics, ride-sharing services have increased the number of crashes in any specific area by 2-3%. If you have been involved in one of these accidents due to a negligent Uber driver, you have rights under the law but you will need to speak with a skilled Uber accident attorney.

You want to ensure that you have chosen an attorney who has your back when you have been injured in an Uber accident. The truth is, these accident cases are fairly new since ride-sharing services are new as well. Because of this, you might be unfamiliar with the laws that dictate these accidents and need the guidance of an attorney who has handled these types of cases and is familiar with the many laws. It is important that any questions you have about your case are answered by an attorney.

If you have suffered from a New Jersey Uber accident, we want you to know that you have many rights under the law and that our attorneys at Brady, Brady & Reilly are willing to stand by your side every step of the way. We want to show you some questions that you should ask yourself when you are searching for the best and most skilled Uber accident attorney.

What You Need to Ask Yourself About Your Attorney

Questions You Might Have for a Skilled Uber Accident AttorneyDoes your Uber accident attorney have experience in going to trial? Did you know that approximately 95% of personal injury cases are settled before the court becomes necessary? Yes, this is the reality for many people but it is not the reality for all people. As such, if the case calls for it, you want to ensure that your personal injury attorney has experience taking cases to trial when settlement does not work out. Uber accident cases can be extremely complex and you don’t want your attorney making promises they can’t keep if matters cannot be settled with the big-name insurance companies that ride-sharing services have hired to protect their interests.

The insurance companies can be especially aggressive, which is why you need somebody who is going to fight to protect you and who will ensure that you are not being taken advantage of. An attorney who does well under pressure is best for your case when the going gets tough. 

Does your attorney have a proven history of high verdicts? Your accident case might be a large claim with serious injuries, some of which are even permanent in nature. You want to ensure that your attorney has received high verdicts in the past and is capable of helping you if you end up in this situation. Not every case is going to amount to large sums of money, but some will and you want to be prepared. This is especially true if you are going to need care for life. Uber offers only a $1 million insurance policy, which might seem like a lot, but might be very little if you endure multiple surgeries, a lifetime of therapy, and many other aspects that will leave a huge financial impact on your life.

Does your attorney have the best resources available at their fingertips? You need to make sure that, before you settle on your attorney, you dictate if they have personal assets that will help them personally handle your case. You want a team on your side, not just a nervous attorney who doesn’t know what steps to take and leaves it up to you to decide. You need somebody who will have expert witnesses at their fingertips and who is skilled in gathering the evidence and paperwork needed to actually file your claim. Expenses in these cases can become massive in a short period of time, and you want to make sure that your attorney is able to pull it off and help you obtain the reimbursement you deserve from a company or driver who has caused you harm.

Does your attorney have a good past history with other clients? You want to ensure that you have read testimonials and reviews about your attorney, and that other clients have had a good experience with them as well. Even if you have to speak with other clients, you want to ensure that you are making a good investment in your future. 

Will your attorney personally be handling your case? Some attorneys are known for referring cases instead of taking on your claim personally. You might find that an assistant is doing all the work while your attorney takes on bigger cases on the side. You want to make sure that your attorney has their full attention on your case instead of handing it off to others in the office because you are paying that attorney specifically and want their expertise on your case. 

What about the contingency fee? You shouldn’t have to worry about paying any costs upfront if you are looking to hire a personal injury attorney. Almost all personal injury attorneys will offer you the option of working on a contingency fee basis, which means that there is no cost to you unless you recover. If your attorney gets you the reimbursement you asked for in your case, there will be fees applied so that your attorney is paid. These fees range about 33-45% of what you recover depending on the attorney and other aspects. There is a good chance that your attorney will work their hardest to ensure that they are paid, which is why you shouldn’t have to worry.

Hiring a Skilled New Jersey Uber Accident Attorney 

You care about the outcome of your Uber accident claim and receiving the best results after you have been seriously injured at the hands of a negligent party. Our attorneys at Brady, Brady & Reilly understand where you are coming from and how imperative it is that you recover compensation for aspects like lost wages, medical bills, surgeries, and more in your desperate time of need. If you are looking forward to bringing a personal injury claim on behalf of the injuries you have received in a ride-sharing accident, look no further. Please reach out to us at (201) 997-0030 to find out what we can do for you at this time.