Orange, NJ – Officer Injured in Motorcycle Accident on Pleasant Valley Way

Orange, NJ – Officer Injured in Motorcycle Accident on Pleasant Valley Way

Orange, NJ (June 9, 2019) – Police have confirmed that a police officer was injured in a motorcycle accident when a vehicle struck his motorcycle. The accident took place around 7:30 a.m. on Saturday when the officer was on his way to a fundraiser.

The officer has since been identified as Chris Jacksic, who had been headed to Verona early in the morning. He was on his motorcycle riding along on Pleasant Valley Way riding in the left lane when a vehicle suddenly made a U-turn illegally in the middle of the road. A vehicle then struck the officer’s motorcycle.

Jacksic was launched about 20 feet in the air from the collision. He sustained injuries and was transported to University Hospital, luckily, in stable condition.

At this time, authorities continue their investigation into the accident.

Our sincerest thoughts are warmly extended to the officer injured in this accident.

Motorcycle Accidents in New Jersey 

Orange, NJ – Officer Injured in Motorcycle Accident on Pleasant Valley WayMotorcycle accidents are no stranger to New Jersey roads, causing serious injuries to those involved every single year. In just this year alone, approximately 15% more motorcycle accidents have taken place than last year in New Jersey, which tells us that the number of injuries and fatalities continues to grow. You might be in need of a motorcycle accident attorney during this difficult time.

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