Maximize Your Recovery After a New Jersey Motorcycle Crash

Maximize Your Recovery After a New Jersey Motorcycle Crash

Right after a motorcycle crash, there are many essential steps that are recommended to protect yourself and any potential claim you may pursue lost damages. The steps you take immediately after a motorcycle accident can seriously affect any potential claim for compensation. 

Seek Medical Attention

In the moments immediately following a crash, it’s not the time to “walk it off” and hope for the best. Consult with a physician as soon as you can and have your injuries examined and treated by a medical professional. Follow any provided medical instructions from the doctor and return for a follow-up appointment or specialist treatment. This is crucial for both your recovery as well as your injury claim. Insurance providers will look for any reason possible to argue that you did something wrong, made your condition worse, or that you didn’t suffer as bad you claimed. By seeking medical treatment immediately and following through with any orders from the doctor, you can potentially disarm their arguments. Also, compensation for pain and suffering is usually based on the sum of your medical bills, so getting all the recommended treatment is helpful to make sure that you recover the full compensation for your injuries. 

Get a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

You need to find a New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer with experience handling motorcycle crash cases. Statistically speaking, those who hire injury attorneys will obtain a much higher settlement for compensation than those who decide to pursue a claim on their own, even after attorney fees are taken out. When you work with a lawyer, it also means that you can spend time focusing on your own recovery and getting your life back to normal following a collision, while your attorney is handling your claim. Insurance companies have a team of professionals working for them who will be handling your case each day, ensuring that the interests of the insurer are protected. You deserve the same. 

Remain Patient

You should expect to hear from the insurance company soon after the crash. Maybe as soon as a few days later the insurer will offer you a settlement. That figure will not be anywhere near the real value of your claim. Don’t hastily agree to an offer of a few thousands of dollars before you’re certain how much you will be spending on medical treatment and what else is required. If you’re concerned about covering the costs of your medical payments, just talk with your lawyer. He or she can make arrangements with your physicians to wait for payment until your case has been settled. 

Preserve All Paperwork

Put every single document and scrap of paperwork associated with the accident into a file or box. Keep all records of your medical bills and any instructions provided by your physicians. Ask for an extra copy of the doctor’s note that you can give to your employer, and obtain any documentation of your income and money lost due to your inability to work. If you are forced to use paid time off due to your injuries, track these hours. Keep any police reports, insurance policies, photographs, and other relevant documents that you can file away until you need them. 

Don’t Trust the Insurance Adjuster

The insurance provider will assign an insurance adjuster to work on your claim. The role of the adjuster is to make sure that your claim is settled with as little cost to the insurer as possible. They may come off as friendly and helpful, but in the end, the adjuster is not working for your best interests. He or she is a professional whose job is to minimize injury claim expenses for their insurance company. Explained more simply, the less financial compensation you receive for your injuries, the better off the insurance adjuster is. Keep in mind that when you are contacted by the adjuster to discuss your claim. 

Don’t Provide a Statement

Maximize Your Recovery After a New Jersey Motorcycle CrashIf you haven’t already retained legal services, you can expect a call from the insurance adjuster soon after the motorcycle crash. They will be looking for you to provide a statement and tell them what you know about the details of the accident, the severity of your injuries, and if you have received medical help. He or she may tell you that this just a routine procedure, or something that is necessary to your claim. However, don’t believe it. Your claim can move forward if you don’t speak with the adjuster, and providing a statement can potentially be harmful to your claim. New Jersey is a “one-party consent” state, meaning that the adjuster can record your call without telling you and take notes on everything you say. He will later review his notes and find anything you said that can be twisted against you. It’s important that you don’t give the adjuster the opportunity. Just thank the adjuster for the call and let him or her know that your attorney will be contacting him to continue the conversation. After you hire a lawyer, the adjuster is required to deal with your legal representative directly. 

New Jersey Motorcycle Crashes

In 2015, 5,172 people were killed in motorcycle accidents across the state. Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in a crash compared to passenger-vehicle occupants. By design, motorcycles leave their riders much more vulnerable to being seriously injured in the event of a crash with a motor vehicle. 

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