The Many Reasons for Accidents at New Jersey Intersections

The Many Reasons for Accidents at New Jersey Intersections

According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 50% of fatal and injurious accidents occur at or near intersections, making them some of the most dangerous places for serious accidents. Intersection accidents have been a topic of discussion for quite some time now, with research being conducted on how to reduce these accidents once and for all on New Jersey roads and beyond.

If you have been involved in an intersection accident in New Jersey, you might have questions about where you can turn in this desperate time of need. Today, we would like to take a closer look at some of the common reasons why intersection accidents occur and how we can work to ensure that they never occur on our roads, causing serious injuries and fatalities every year.

Common Causes of Intersection Accidents in New Jersey 

By understanding the common errors that lead to intersection accidents, we can work to prevent these accidents on our roadways, leading to safer results for many. Here are just a few of the reasons why these accidents occur each and every day, listed in order.

Failure to Look: An astounding 44% of intersection crashes occur when a driver has failed to look out for another driver. Drivers are, as part of their duty of care, always expected to look in certain directions before they make any move on the roads because they could be putting their own lives and the lives of others in danger if they fail to take action. Many people tend to fail to watch out for other drivers before they make turns at intersections every day. Victims might claim that they looked but did not see an oncoming vehicle. These accidents occur involving other vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians, and more.

False Assumptions About Other Drivers: In other situations, a driver might incorrectly guess what another driver is going to do. Perhaps a driver at a four-way stop looks as if they are going to stay put and let another driver go, but then they use their right-of-way and pull out right in front of them. Many intersection accidents take place when two drivers accelerate into one another. The drivers who assume, even though the other party had the right-of-way, will typically be found at fault in these cases. 

Obstructed Views: Almost 8% of all intersection crashes occur when a driver has an obstructed view while pulling out at an intersection. These accidents commonly happen for those making left-hand turns. Many objects can skew a person’s perception when they are attempting to pull out, such as buildings, hills, and cars parked alongside the road. Many drivers will decide to floor it and go through the intersection anyway without fully knowing if the coast is clear. Fault will be determined on a case-by-case basis, as there are many aspects that can lead to these serious accidents. 

Illegal Behaviors: When somebody is disobeying the law while driving, it could lead to serious collisions. All drivers are expected to obey the rules of the road when they are driving, as this is what they agreed to from the moment they obtained their license. However, many drivers will violate the law, which leads to approximately 6% of all intersection crashes. Some illegal maneuvers that lead to these serious accidents include aspects such as ignoring stop signs, purposely running a red light, speeding up when the yellow light is seen, making a right-hand turn in front of a bicyclist and pedestrian, speeding, and failing to signal to others. 

The Many Reasons for Accidents at New Jersey IntersectionsDistractions: Distracted behavior is an epidemic and leading cause of many of the accidents that happen on New Jersey roads, period. Distracted driving is especially dangerous in many intersections, where many people will become distracted. Some people will use this as a time to check their text messages while they are stopped, which can easily lead to an accident. In other cases, a driver might be so focused on the conversations being had in their vehicle that they do not notice a pedestrian crossing the street at an intersection. Distractions can cause an accident to take place in the blink of an eye, even though it was easily preventable.

Misjudging Speed: Misjudging another person’s speed at an intersection is responsible for approximately 5% of all intersection accidents. Drivers do not always need a green arrow to turn but instead are permitted to simply yield to traffic before making a turn. In some cases, somebody might think that a vehicle is far away but they could be traveling at fast speeds. This could cause the two vehicles to collide and puts them both in a dangerous situation. Fault will be determined on many aspects, such as how quick the other party was traveling and right-of-way laws.

Decreasing New Jersey Intersection Accidents 

Of course, it is always important to keep some tips in mind to prevent serious intersection crashes on our roadways:

  • Even when you have the right-of-way, you should not assume that every driver is going to stop just because they have a red light.
  • If you are making a turn on red, make sure that the driver in front of you makes their turn and that you do not follow them so closely that a rear-end accident occurs.
  • Never change lanes when you are driving through an intersection, as another vehicle might be turning from a crossing street.
  • Watch for bicyclists, pedestrians, and other individuals who are likely to suffer the most harm in intersection-related accidents.

How an Experienced New Jersey Accident Attorney Can Help 

Every day, handfuls of people will become injured in New Jersey car accidents that sometimes take place at the hands of negligent parties. If you have been involved in one of these accidents and you are wondering where you can turn for the help you deserve, our experienced attorneys at Brady, Brady & Reilly want you to remember how imperative it is to seek legal help during this difficult time. Our personal injury attorneys are skilled for the job and are prepared to help you through many aspects from building your case from taking these measures to settlement or court. Please reach out to us at (201) 997-0030 to find out what we can do for you.