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Car accidents are the leading cause of unintentional injuries and related deaths in New Jersey. Every year, hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents are reported to the state’s Department of Transportation. Almost all of these auto accidents are entirely preventable. They happen when drivers and other parties are careless or reckless.

At Brady, Brady & Reilly, LLC, we are passionate about holding wrongdoers accountable for their misconduct when it causes harm to others. Our Jersey City car accident lawyers can help you and your family connect to top doctors, determine the cause of your car accident and pursue the financial compensation that you deserve from one or more insurance companies. We offer free initial consultations in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Why You Should Hire a Jersey City Car Accident Attorney

An auto insurance company knows that you will feel stressed, overwhelmed and confused after a collision. It will use this against you to try to take advantage of you and convince you to settle for an amount that does not adequately cover your injuries and losses. With a Jersey City personal injury lawyer by your side, however, you can strengthen your insurance negotiations and fight back against tactics meant to hurt your recovery.

In addition to taking over legal processes, a Jersey City car accident lawyer can investigate your traffic collision, determine fault and hire qualified experts to strengthen your case. You can trust your accident lawyer to handle your claim or injury lawsuit from start to finish while you concentrate on healing from your serious injuries. A Jersey City accident lawyer will reduce your stress, bear the brunt of the legal legwork on your behalf and fight for justice for you.

What to Do After a Car Accident in New Jersey

If you get into an accident in Jersey City, there are steps you can take immediately following the collision to start your claim and protect your legal rights. If you can, take the following actions before and immediately after you leave the scene of the crash:

  1. Pull over and check for injuries. Legally, you must stop your vehicle as close to the scene of the car crash as possible. Check to see if you or anyone else is injured. If so, call for an ambulance.
  2. Call 911. State law stipulates that all drivers must report automobile accidents that result in injuries, deaths or at least $500 in property damage. This applies to most collisions.
  3. Exchange information. Exchange names, addresses, vehicle registration numbers and insurance information with the other driver. When talking to the other driver and the police, do not admit fault.
  4. Take photographs and collect evidence. If you have a camera or smartphone, take photographs of the scene of the crash before you leave. Collect other forms of evidence, as well, such as eyewitness information.
  5. Go to a hospital. Do not delay in receiving medical care. Go to the nearest hospital in Jersey City immediately and request copies of your medical records.
  6. File an insurance claim. As soon as you can, call your own car insurance company to report the crash. Before you settle anything with the insurance provider, however, contact an attorney.
  7. Consult with a lawyer right away. The statute of limitations, or limit to file car accident claims in New Jersey, is two years from the date of the crash in most cases. It is important to act quickly to get help from an attorney.

An insurance company – including your own provider – will want to minimize your payout to save itself money. After consulting with a Jersey City accident attorney, however, you can gain a better understanding of the value of your case and recognize ways to protect your rights.

How Much Is Your Car Accident Case Worth?

In the aftermath of a car accident, you may be facing expensive vehicle damage, rental car and travel costs, medical bills, legal fees and more. It is normal to wonder how much your car accident case would be worth if you achieve a successful settlement or jury verdict. After all, obtaining fair compensation can allow your family to pay the bills and move forward without undue financial hardship. The answer to this question, however, varies significantly from case to case.

The value of a car accident claim in New Jersey will depend on issues such as the severity of the victim’s injuries and losses, whether the victim has a permanent disability, the victim’s age and income level, whether the case involves wrongful death, and the value of the damaged vehicle. Some car accident cases may be worth $10,000 or less, while others may have values that climb to six or seven figures.

Is New Jersey a Fault or No-Fault State?

One of the main laws that you will have to navigate after a car accident in New Jersey is the no-fault law. Unlike the majority of states, New Jersey uses a no-fault auto insurance law. This can have a major impact on your auto accident case. If you purchased a basic, “limited right to sue” insurance policy, you must seek benefits from your own auto insurance provider, even if you did not cause the crash, unless your injuries meet the state’s serious injury threshold.

In New Jersey, you can only hold a careless or reckless driver accountable for your crash if you or a loved one suffered:

  • A serious injury, such as a bone fracture
  • Permanent disability or injury
  • Brain injury
  • Spinal injury
  • Permanent and significant scarring or disfigurement
  • Loss of limb
  • Loss of an unborn child
  • Wrongful death

Otherwise, you will file a first-party insurance claim for coverage under your own personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. This will pay for your medical bills without you having to prove another party is at fault for the crash. If you chose the “unlimited right to sue” insurance option, however, you can file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver regardless of the extent of your injuries.

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Consult With a Car Accident Lawyer in Jersey City

A car accident can cause serious injuries and expensive related bills. It is important to protect your rights from the beginning by contacting an experienced car accident lawyer in Jersey City. Brady, Brady & Reilly, LLC cares about clients and can help you and your family work through a complicated case. Discuss how our legal support team can help you in more detail during a free consultation today. Call (201) 997-0030 to speak to our attorneys now.