Injured in a Bicycle Accident Involving an Uber Driver

Injured in a Bicycle Accident Involving an Uber Driver

If you are somebody who frequently takes your bicycle from place to place, especially in the summer months, there is always a chance that you could be involved in a New Jersey bicycle accident. Unfortunately, accidents are a part of life, though some happen more frequently than others. Drivers are supposed to pay close attention to the roads and the bicyclists who share our roads, as those who travel by bike are some of the most vulnerable parties on our roadways. If you have fallen victim to a bicycle accident involving an Uber driver, you might have a wide variety of questions on how to move forward in your case.

Legal Matters After Being Struck by an Uber Driver 

Bringing a lawsuit is not typically the first thing you think about after you have been struck by a driver in an accident. However, after you have received medical equipment and gathered evidence regarding your accident claim, you should know that you do have many rights to compensation under the law. After being struck by a driver who utilizes their vehicle for work, such as a taxi driver, delivery driver, or Uber driver, you are often placed in one of the best positions to bring a legal claim against this driver. This is due to the fact that the companies that employ these drivers tend to carry significant insurance that can kick in after you have been injured at the hands of their employee. This means that, if you have sustained medical bills and other serious damages, you might be pleased to find that you will be covered – but other important aspects must take place first.

The difference in an Uber accident is that these rideshare companies do not consider their drivers to be employees, but actually independent contractors. Up until a few years ago, this spelled trouble for bicyclists and other parties injured at the hands of negligent drivers, as many people wondered how they would be covered if a company would not take responsibility for the actions of its drivers. Over the years, these claims have now shifted and changed, and now Uber has adopted insurance for those impacted by the negligence of their drivers.

How an Uber Accident Case Becomes a “Special” Case 

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident that took place at the hands of an Uber driver, you might not make a claim against the company who put them on the road but instead the individual driver. Uber and many companies like them, such as Lyft, are required to carry insurance, however, for accidents caused by negligent drivers. Uber, as with other rideshare companies, carries a certain amount of coverage for its drivers and those who might become seriously injured due to its drivers. However, carrying this amount does not mean that they will accurately cover all of your damages.

For instance, Uber carries an insurance policy up to a million dollars. This might seem like a lot, and it is; however, depending on the circumstances of the case and how severe the crash was, there is a chance that it will not be enough. For instance, what happens if you received serious brain trauma from a bicycle accident and you will require surgeries, special in-home medical equipment, a caretaker, and you will not be able to work the rest of your life? Your damages could exceed a million dollars in just a year’s time.

Common Injuries Sustained in New Jersey Bicycle Accidents 

Being injured in a bicycle accident at the hands of an Uber driver can be a scary thing to experience. This is especially true if you receive severe or life-threatening injuries at the hands of an Uber driver. Crashes are known for being one of the most devastating effects of cycling, but some of these accidents can be prevented when drivers follow precautions on the roads and watch out for these vulnerable parties at all times.

After a bicycle accident with an Uber driver, you should never assume that you are okay just because you feel fine. You were knocked from your bicycle and you brush yourself off, telling the driver that you’ll be fine and you’re going to go home. However, your injuries might be more severe than you initially thought they were – and, on top of that, denying medical attention could cost you your entire claim later on, as the courts might not take your claim as seriously if you did not receive medical attention right away.

Injured in a Bicycle Accident Involving an Uber DriverThere are many common injuries in bicycle accidents that are actually quite severe and can lead to long-lasting effects on those involved. For instance, concussions are serious and common following these accidents, especially when a bicyclist was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. You might also experience a broken bone, with one of the most common breaks taking place in the collarbone area. Receiving one of these injuries can take up to six weeks to heal, which is a long time away from work!

Other common but typically less serious injuries include muscle strains and road rash. Road rash can be incredibly painful and, even though it usually tends to heal over time, it can lead to permanent nerve damage and even infections that could leave a huge impact on your life. As you can see, there are many injuries caused by bicycle accidents that could impact you physically as well as financially.

Injured in a Bicycle Accident Involving an Uber Driver 

There are many complicated matters that you might have to face after a bicycle accident, especially when you have been injured at the hands of an Uber driver. Being injured in rideshare accidents can bring complex laws and theories, as these accidents are still relatively new. If you have been injured in a car accident in New Jersey, you might wonder how you can move forward with a personal injury claim. Our attorneys at Brady, Brady & Reilly are here to protect you in your time of need. Please reach out to us for the assistance you deserve at (201) 997-0030.