Important Questions You Might Have After an Uber Accident

Important Questions You Might Have After an Uber Accident

Uber is growing across the nation, with many passengers utilizing these services every year. In fact, according to the growing statistics taken recently, Uber has stated that they have approximately 75 million riders worldwide – and these numbers are always on the rise. Many people believe that Uber is one of the safest forms of rides on our roadways, but accidents still occur every year.

The truth is, Uber drivers are not immune to accidents. Sometimes, you might be surprised to find that Uber drivers even cause accidents through negligent behavior when they engage in acts like drunk driving, distracted driving, speeding, and more. If you have been injured in an Uber car accident, you might have important questions about your legal options moving forward. Our attorneys at Brady, Brady & Reilly will help answer these questions regarding Uber accidents.

Uber Accident FAQ 

Do Uber drivers have to carry special insurance? Uber drivers are like many other individuals who share our roads in many ways, which means that they also have to carry insurance. However, their insurance policies are a bit different than a regular policy. Their insurance varies depending on whether or not the driver is using their app at the time of the accident. Here are some different aspects that apply:

  • If the driver is not on the Uber app and does not have a passenger, their personal insurance coverage will cover them like any other driver.
  • If the Uber driver is using their app but does not have a passenger, their property damage liability and bodily injury or death insurance will kick in.
  • When the Uber driver was using the app and transporting a passenger, a policy of $1,000,000 will apply, known as Uber’s insurance policy.

Who is liable for my accident if I believe that the Uber driver acted negligently? Any time that you are involved in any type of accident, including those involving an Uber driver, the driver who acted negligently owes you a legal liability. However, because of the various types of insurance policies and standards that drivers must abide by, the aftermath of an accident can be quite complex. If you have your own coverage that is going to pay for your injuries and damages up to a certain amount, then the Uber insurance coverage will apply to any amount after that. It is important to understand how your insurance and their policies work so that you understand what you will be facing in this process and who will pay the bills. 

If my vehicle was struck by an Uber driver, can I sue the company? Uber has designated its drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. This has created legality issues, of courts. Uber has done this so that it can protect itself from any lawsuits that might pop up, but it is still possible to bring a lawsuit against the company under certain circumstances. For instance, a driver might be found negligent in enforcing driver qualifications. Uber might have allowed a driver to drive for their company even though they have been arrested for DUI multiple times in the past. Background checks are at the center of the hiring process and should never be skipped. If you can show that they were and that Uber was negligent in its hiring, you might have a claim against the company. 

Should I tell somebody if I believe my Uber driver has been drinking and driving? Uber has its own Zero Tolerance Policy and wants to ensure that drivers are not driving while intoxicated. If you suspect that your Uber driver is drunk, end the trip immediately and call the police. You should always speak to police about your suspicions of a drunk driver, especially if there was an accident. If you have been injured as a result of an accident caused by a drunk driver, your attorney will understand what next steps must be taken.

Important Questions You Might Have After an Uber AccidentWhen my Uber driver uses their rideshare app, is this considered a distraction? There are many different types of distractions including those that are visual, manual, and cognitive. When a driver’s focus, hands, and eyes are taken off of the road, they are suddenly distracted and an accident could happen in the blink of an eye. If somebody is using a cellular app while they are driving, this is a distraction. Uber drivers in the past have been known to become involved in serious accidents due to these distractions. If you have been injured in an accident with a distracted driver, you might have a claim. An attorney can help you build your case through the evidence you have collected on the matter. 

How can I help my case if I have been involved in an accident with an Uber driver? If you have been involved in an accident with an Uber driver, there are many steps you must remember. For instance, one of the first steps that you should take as with any accident is to seek prompt medical attention. Not only does this help your claim but it also secures your health and well-being. On top of that, you should speak with the police and file a report that you will be able to refer to down the road. You should also speak with any witnesses at the scene and gain contact information. All of these aspects should be utilized after an accident. 

Should You Call an Attorney After an Uber Accident?  

No matter what caused your accident, it is always essential to have a car accident attorney on your side to help you after you have been seriously injured. You will be able to file a personal injury claim against an at-fault party so that you can move forward and gain reimbursement for your losses. At Brady, Brady & Reilly, our skilled attorneys have handled many car accident cases and are fully committed to helping you receive the compensation you deserve. Please reach out to us immediately at (201) 997-0030.