How to Become the Most Alert Defensive Driver in New Jersey

How to Become the Most Alert Defensive Driver in New Jersey

Not everyone on our roadways is a safe driver. In fact, some drivers fail to watch out for dangers and cause accidents that could have otherwise been prevented. Because you cannot trust all drivers on our roads and there is always a chance that a New Jersey car accident could take place in the blink of an eye, it is imperative to learn how to become a defensive driver and watch out for dangers as much as possible.

There are many reasons why serious accidents take place on New Jersey roads. Some of the most common reasons for these accidents include drunk driving, distractions, speeding, and many other related reasons. Today, we would like to focus on the many ways that you can learn to drive defensively and hopefully avoid a serious and life-changing accident that could turn your life upside-down.

Defensive Driving Tips for New Jersey Drivers 

Stay Focused: If you have been on the roads for many hours, seeing the same type of landscape and highway road in front of you repeat over and over, it is easy to lose your focus. However, staying focused might just make a difference and prevent an accident that could lead to serious or even deadly results. There are many aspects on the road that you must pay attention to so that accidents can be avoided, such as road conditions, traffic laws, road markings, and more. By avoiding sloppy driving mistakes on our roads, more accidents can be prevented.

Prevent Drowsy Driving: Drowsy driving is a growing issue on our roads, especially for those, like truck drivers, who drive for a living and spend long hours on the roadways. However, if you are driving drowsy, there is always a chance that a serious accident could occur, as you might not be able to react to dangers in a quick amount of time. According to the CDC, drowsy driving is a growing issue. An estimated one in 25 drivers reported falling asleep at the wheel over a 30-day period, which means that it will continue to happen on our roads.

Many accidents involving drowsy driving happen when a driver has to suddenly slam on their brakes, which can cause a sleepy driver in the back to have a delayed reaction time. This means that they might collide with another vehicle, which can very easily lead to serious results if those vehicles were traveling at fast highway speeds. 

Watch Neighbors Sharing Roads: Yes, you should always drive defensively and worry about the actions that you take on our roadways. However, you should also pay attention to what others are doing, as this could keep you safe from serious harm. You should always anticipate what other drivers will do before you make moves on our roads so that you can adjust your own driving and work to prevent roadway crashes. This means using your mirrors and always checking behind and in front of you for any hazards.

Another part of being aware of your surroundings is ensuring that you do not end up in the blind spot of another driver who might not notice you. If you are driving alongside another driver who does not see you, they might start to change lanes and bump right into your vehicle, causing both to spin out of control. This is why it is essential to always keep an eye out.   

Travel at Safe Distances: Traveling at safe distances means remembering the three-to-four-second rule that we learn from the moment we start driving in New Jersey. Using this rule, where you choose a stationary point near the car in front of you and count how long it takes for you to reach that point, will help you maintain a safe following distance so that you can brake if you need to. If you are following any closer than that, there is a chance that you will run into the back of another vehicle. When bad conditions, such as snowy conditions or periods of rain, have taken place on our roads, this could lead to fog-covered and slippery roadways that are more likely to cause accidents. You will need to increase your following distance by at least an additional second if this is the case. 

Stop Speeding: Drivers should always slow down, as speeding is one of the largest reasons for accidents on our roads. Posted speed limits are only put up in these areas to signify what you should be driving under the right conditions. You must ensure that your speed matches the conditions of the road. For instance, if a posted speed limit is 55 mph but it has been snowing, you obviously do not want to travel at that speed, as you will lose control of your vehicle. 

How to Become the Most Alert Defensive Driver in New JerseyNo Distractions: Distracted driving is another big issue we see in many accidents on New Jersey roads and goes hand-in-hand with driving defensively. In 2017 alone across the entire country, it was reported that approximately 3,166 lives were taken in these serious accidents. There are many top reasons for distracted driving on our roads, such as chatting on the phone or eating at the wheel. However, engaging in these distractions can slow down your reaction time and make it impossible to prevent some of the most serious collisions. One of the biggest distractions we face today by far is texting and driving, which causes the largest amount of distracted driving accidents in many parts of the country today. 

No Aggressive Driving: Sometimes, drivers will engage in aggressive driving by cutting off drivers, yelling at them, and creating hostile situations on the road. If somebody is acting this way and you believe you could be in danger, contact the police as soon as possible about acts of road rage. Never engage a driver who is acting aggressively toward you or somebody else, or you could become a prime target who will soon be injured in an accident.

How Our New Jersey Accident Attorneys Can Help 

In New Jersey, car accidents happen every hour, causing serious results to those involved. We have now listed some of the ways that these accidents occur and how you can become an alert and defensive driver who will stay safe from the worst harm, but unfortunately, not all car accidents are avoidable. At Brady, Brady & Reilly, our experienced car accident attorneys have helped many clients during one of the most challenging times in their lives. We are skilled in New Jersey personal injury laws and will stand by your side from start to finish as you navigate the claims process for possibly the first time. Please contact us to find out how we can assist you at (201) 997-0030.