Everything You Need to Know About Wrongful Death Claims After a Pedestrian Accident

Everything You Need to Know About Wrongful Death Claims After a Pedestrian Accident

Every year, many individuals across New Jersey will lose their lives due to a variety of different accidents. It can have a massive impact on a family when the life of a loved one is suddenly lost through an unexpected accident, especially when it has taken place due to the negligence of another party. This is the case for many families who suffer the consequences of pedestrian accidents every year.

Statistics Regarding Pedestrian Accidents in New Jersey 

New Jersey pedestrian accidents take place more commonly than we would expect, and sometimes more often than we would like to admit. In 2016 alone, due to every type of accident, 603 individuals lost their lives in New Jersey accidents, many of which took place at the hands of negligent parties who were not abiding by the rules of the road. Every year, lawmakers view pedestrian fatalities in New Jersey as one of the most major concerns, as the number of accidents that impact pedestrians every year continues to grow. In 2016, it was found that 166 pedestrian fatalities took place across the entire state, which means that 27% of all motor vehicle fatalities happened to pedestrians.

New Jersey residents who share the roads are told from the moment they get their license that they must abide by a duty of care when sharing the roads with pedestrians, who are known for being some of the most vulnerable parties on our roads. This is due to the fact that pedestrians do not have the same protections as other parties on our roads, which means that they can obtain significant harm in the event of an accident. Drivers are urged to slow down, disregard any distractions, and watch out for pedestrians in all areas and not just where they are expected, like crosswalks and around parks and schools.

Losing a loved one due to a pedestrian accident in New Jersey might be one of the most challenging things that you have ever faced, especially on an emotional and financial level. It is not enough that you will be grieving for quite some time and thrust into a world or worrying about finances, from how you will afford to pay the medical bills your loved one has incurred to the funeral costs that continue to pile up against you. Because of this, you might need the experienced and compassionate help of a wrongful death attorney who has handled cases like these in the past, and our attorneys at Brady, Brady & Reilly are here to assist you during this difficult time.

How and Why Fatal New Jersey Pedestrian Accidents Take Place 

Many of the pedestrian accidents that take place across the State of New Jersey involve driver negligence, which can often be prevented based on the circumstances. Here are just a few of the most common ways that these accidents take place:

Speeding: Using excessive speed on the roadways can lead to a wide variety of accidents, and pedestrians are no stranger to accidents caused by speeding. In fact, speeding can increase the likelihood that a pedestrian will sustain more severe injuries or suffer a fatality at the hands of a negligent party.

Drunk or Drugged Driving: Impairment can also impact the driver’s ability to control their vehicle, which could lead to a pedestrian accident in the blink of an eye. If a driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol, their perception will be off, which means that they are more likely to be involved in a crash.

Distractions: Inattention leads to many accidents each year as well. Drivers are urged to keep their eyes and focus on the roads at all times because a pedestrian could pop up anywhere, especially those who are young. If a motorist is looking at their phone or focused on those who are in the vehicle with them at the time, it could lead to a serious accident. 

Law Violations: If a driver is violating the rules of the road, they are putting everybody on those roads at risk. One of the major law violations that take place each year and leads to fatal pedestrian accidents is failing to abide by the right-of-way. If a New Jersey driver does not obey this rule, they could easily strike a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

Your Ability to Receive Compensation After Losing a Loved One in a Pedestrian Accident 

Everything You Need to Know About Wrongful Death Claims After a Pedestrian AccidentAs mentioned, it is not easy on financial levels to lose a loved one in a pedestrian accident that you believe took place due to the negligence of another party. This is why, after you have lost a loved one and determined that another driver is liable for this harm, you might have the ability to move forward with a wrongful death claim for compensation that you and your family deserve. Bringing a wrongful death claim must be done in a timely manner, as there is a statute of limitations that you must abide by so that you are not barred from bringing your claim. From the time of death of your loved one, you have two years to bring a claim.

Your family will be able to receive reimbursement for a wide variety of losses if you bring a wrongful death claim. You might be able to recover for aspects like medical expenses, funeral costs, burial costs, lost wages that could be used to support your family when a loved one is no longer able to, and many more related aspects. As many families will find, the finances continue to pile up after you have lost a loved one and you should not have to face the stress of this alone.

Bringing a Wrongful Death Claim in New Jersey 

Facing the reality of a wrongful death claim is difficult to do on your own and our attorneys at Brady, Brady & Reilly suggest that you have a legal advocate on your side to help you through this challenging time. If your loved one has been taken from you in a motor vehicle accident in New Jersey, specifically a pedestrian accident, you have rights to compensation through a wrongful death claim. We will stand by your side and help you prove your claim. Contact us for more information at (201) 997-0030.