Even Safe Drivers Are at the Mercy of Reckless Motorists

Even Safe Drivers Are at the Mercy of Reckless Motorists

Careful drivers who act responsibly take many precautions to make sure that themselves and their loved ones are safe on the road. Sadly, no matter how prepared and cautious a driver may be, there’s one variable that can’t be controlled: the actions of others. The safety of everyone on the road is built on an agreement of everyone who operates a motor vehicle to abide by a set of rules often referred to as “the rules of the road.” It just takes one person deciding that he or she is in too much of a hurry to follow these rules to bring the system falling down. In a matter of moments, the poor choices of a reckless driver can cause a severe car accident that impacts more than just the unsafe driver, but also anyone who may be sharing the road with them.

Reckless on the Road Can Take Many Forms

Even Safe Drivers Are at the Mercy of Reckless MotoristsWhen unsafe drivers are in a hurry, it can create hazards for more responsible drivers and in more ways that just ignoring a street sign. Many people consider themselves to be excellent multitaskers. However, while behind the wheel, multitasking is just another form of distracted driving, the leading cause of car accidents. One of the most common forms of distracted driving — and one of the few that has been limited through legislation — is cell phone use. Talking on a cell phone while driving creates a hazardous distraction for the driver, and texting behind the wheel can be even more dangerous. Ultimately, any activity that takes the vision, hands, or mind of the driver away from the task of driving is a form of driver distraction, and in certain circumstances, these actions can prove deadly for the distracted motorist and those sharing the road with them. Even adjusting the radio or taking a sip of coffee at a particular moment can cause a severe collision, proving that any action behind the wheel can be as potentially dangerous as texting and Snapchat.

Unfortunately, drivers who stop themselves from taking that sip of coffee or messing with the radio can be unsafe drivers, especially if they are finding it difficult to say awake and alert. Drowsiness can impact reaction time, making drivers less observant, and impairs judgment. For this reason, there is legislation limiting the hours a trucker can stay behind the wheel before taking a mandated break. Sadly, many truck drivers feel pressured to break these rules in order to meet tight deadlines, and there are no such regulations for those driving a typical passenger vehicle. It’s nearly impossible to foresee when a driver in the next lane will nod off and drift into the side of your car. 

Similarly, some drivers are a hazard to others simply because of a medical condition or vision impairment that hinders their ability to drive safely. This unfortunate circumstance is more prevalent among elderly drivers, but anyone with a medical condition that impairs that vision, cognition, motor function, reaction time, or other capacity needed for driving can pose a risk to others on the road. This is particularly true if the medical condition goes unnoticed by friends or loved ones. Many older or medically impaired individuals experience difficulty giving up driving out of fear of losing their independence. 

In the end, the cause of an unsafe driver’s dangerous actions is of a secondary concern to careful drivers who are injured because of another’s behavior. Still, there is another way that unsafe rivers can threaten others on the road: failing to carry proper liability coverage. This is a danger that can be protected against. By being pro-active and carrying uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage on your existing car insurance policy, and the maximum PIP coverage for medical costs, you won’t find yourself int he position of having to hope that an unsafe driver that hit you and caused serious injuries had the foresight or ability to pay for more than the bare minimum of insurance coverage. Sadly, many drivers carry as little insurance as they can, and it’s up to us to protect ourselves by carrying the right kind of insurance. 

New Jersey Reckless Driver Crashes

Being injured by a reckless driver can be devastating. In just one moment, you may be left with severe injuries that can impact you for years to come. Each year, 33 percent of fatal crashes are caused by reckless motorists. Injured victims should consult with a skilled New Jersey car crash attorney at Brady, Brady, & Reilly, LLC immediately after an accident. We are dedicated to making sure that your rights are protected after a crash. Contact us today at (201) 997- 0030 to see how we can help.