Delran, NJ – Vehicle Veered Off Road in Car Crash on Dorado Drive

Delran, NJ – Vehicle Veered Off Road in Car Crash on Dorado Drive

Delran, NJ (June 10, 2019) – Early Saturday morning, June 8th, police arrived at the scene of a car crash that took place at 100 Dorado Drive and led to injuries.

According to authorities, the accident happened when a white vehicle veered off the side of the road and struck a parked vehicle. The impact of the accident was so forceful that the parked vehicle was pushed very close to a local home.

One person who was a passenger in the white vehicle is being treated for injuries, but they are expected to be okay.

Police took the driver into custody after the accident.

The investigation into the circumstances of the accident is ongoing at this time.

Our sincerest thoughts are warmly extended to the party who was injured in this accident.

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