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Hoboken, NJ – Car Accident at 15th St Restaurant Causes Injuries

The Risks Associated with Uber Services and Protecting Yourself

In our modern times, it seems like there is an app for everything – and utilizing transportation is not an exception, as we have found with the emergence of rideshare services. Many people believe that having rideshare services was one of the best things to happen to transportation, especially in cities where everything is bustling and many people need rides to and from many places. However, when individuals are thinking about how they are going to get home safely [...]

Newark, NJ – Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident on Washington St

When a Pedestrian is Struck by a Negligent Uber Driver

With the emergence of Uber, many individuals believe that the ridesharing service is helping many, getting drivers home safe to keep drunk drivers off our roads and helping those who get stranded alongside the road when their vehicles let them sit. Though Uber has been offering ride services for those in need, giving us second options where we need them most, ridesharing track records for accidents have been none too good. As many resources show us, many fatal accidents involving [...]

When an Uber Driver Causes an Accident Due to Distracted Driving

Can I Bring a Wrongful Death Claim Against an Uber or Other Ridesharing Driver?

Because ridesharing is still a fresh, recently-popularized concept, many people are not prepared for what they need to do when something goes wrong. You never want to think that there could be repercussions for using a service that is supposed to keep many people safe every year and bring passengers home safely after a night out with friends or many other occasions where somebody is unable to drive on their own. With a new emergence of these companies, you [...]