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Personal Injury

How Insurance Companies Reduce The Payout Of Injury Claims

How Insurance Companies Reduce The Payout Of Injury Claims

Insurance companies hire highly-trained professionals called claims adjusters to handle personal injury cases involving the negligence of one of their policyholders. If you are involved in a collision with another vehicle, a claims adjuster representing the driver’s insurance provider is put to work immediately after the incident is reported. No matter what the claims adjuster says, he or she ultimately has a single goal, which is why they were hired by the insurance provider: to make sure that their [...]

Roadway Risks Faced By Pedestrian & Cyclists In New Jersey

Roadway Risks Faced By Pedestrian & Cyclists In New Jersey

When pedestrians and cyclists share the road with other drivers, there is always a risk of a crash. In the event of a crash, the person on foot or traveling by bike will nearly always suffer more severe injuries because they lack the protection afforded to vehicle occupants intended to protect passengers from harm. Most cyclists don’t wear anything other than a helmet to protect them from severe injuries, and pedestrians will usually just have the clothes on their [...]

Deadlines For Reporting New Jersey Car Crash Injuries

Deadlines For Reporting New Jersey Car Crash Injuries

After being involved in a serious crash, it’s common to feel overwhelmed by all the new and unexpected consequences that come with it–you may have doctor’s appointments and physical therapy to attend, you may have to take time off work or find someone to look after your kids, and then there are the hassles that go along with getting your car repaired. All these demands make it easy to forget about filing deadlines for a collision. Missing these deadlines [...]

Informed Consent & Obtaining Medical Treatment In New Jersey

Summit, NJ – Multiple Injuries Following House Fire On Weaver St

Summit, NJ (December 27, 2019) – There were multiple injuries reported after a house fire in Summit, New Jersey at a residence located at the 20 block of Weaver Street. The incident occurred the day after Christmas on Thursday, December 26th.  Two residents of the home jumped from the second story, sustaining serious injuries. A firefighter was also treated at the scene. Recent reports revealed that the two residents are still hospitalized at this time. No further information about the incident [...]

Linden, NJ - Head-On Bus Crash Injures 2 On E Linden Ave

Dog Bite Attacks Can Leave Permanent Physical Scars & Emotional Trauma

For most, dogs and other pets are an essential part of our everyday. They are just another member of the family. As loving and dogs can be, they still can fall victim to their animal instincts, causing them to react to frightening or unfamiliar circumstances with bouts of aggression. This can be horrifying for anyone who is on the wrong end of an animal attack. The physical injuries alone inflicted by a dog bite can be severe and long-lasting. [...]

Carlstadt, NJ - Man Struck & Killed On Washington Ave

Who Is Liable After A Pedestrian Crash Is Struck By A Motor Vehicle?

In most cases involving a motor vehicle accident, the cause of the crash can often be traced to an error or lapse in focus on part of someone involved in the accident or someone who contributed indirectly to the incident–possibly through faulty vehicle repair or poor roadway maintenance. However, in most cases, one or more parties involved in the crash will be determined liable. Everyone who uses the roadways in New Jersey has a duty of care toward others [...]

Carlstadt, NJ - Man Struck & Killed On Washington Ave

High Rate Of Pedestrian Fatalities Cause For Concern

The overall number of car crash fatalities have been decreasing in recent years, but one type of traffic-related death is increasing dramatically. The rate of pedestrian fatalities resulting from motor vehicle collisions has been increasing steadily since 2009, spiking with an estimated high in 2018 that has not been seen since 1990. These predicted projections were compiled in a report by the Governors Highway Safety Association, a nonprofit organization drawing data from highway safety offices from across the nation. [...]

Upper Freehold, NJ - 4 Injured In Off-Road Crash On I-195

Slip & Falls Are The Leading Causes Of Nonfatal Injuries

If you have lived in New Jersey for any amount of time, you won’t be surprised that snowy weather can increase your chances of being involved in a slip and fall accident. However, it may be surprising for residents of the Garden State how great the impact of this increased risk can be. These types of falls can often result in serious injuries. For many, the best-case scenario for falling on the ice is that you won’t experience more [...]

Trenton, NJ - Man Killed In Hit-&-Run At Stuyvesant & Christoph Aves

Cape May, NJ – 3 Injured In Boating Accident Near Cape May Inlet

Cape May, NJ (November 28, 2019) – Three people are in critical condition following a boating accident in Cape May, New Jersey on Tuesday evening, November 26th. A 26-foot recreational boat crashed at around 6:30 p.m. near the Cape May Inlet. The crash site was located near the Coast Guard station.  The current condition of the injured parties was not reported. All three victims were rushed to medical facilities for treatment of serious injuries. No other details about the accident [...]

Brick, NJ - Car Accident At Drum Point Rd & Baywood Blvd

New Jersey Rear-End Crashes Are Caused By Negligence

After being injured in a car accident involving another driver, your potential to recover lost compensation to cover your damages is dependent on your ability to show that the other driver is liable for the collision due to their negligent behavior. In certain cases, providing evidence of negligence can prove to be difficult, requiring your lawyer to gather witness testimony, analyze the statements provided by both drivers, and even call in experts to reconstruct the scene of a crash. [...]