Fairview, NJ - Deadly Car Crash at Broad Ave & 91st St

Are Rideshare Companies in New Jersey Actually Safe?

Rideshare services are still relatively new, having gained popularity just in the past decade. It is true that we continue to see news articles and videos detailing the dangers of getting into a car with a driver you do not know and the chaos that could ensue if you were involved in an accident, among many other things. The volume of rideshare usage is growing and many people wonder if the rates of these incidents seem to be growing [...]

Piscataway, NJ – Fatal Train Accident at New Market Rd Tracks

River Edge, NJ – Train Accident with Injuries on County Rd 503

River Edge, NJ (September 19, 2019) – This morning around 7:30 a.m., two people were seriously injured in a train accident with injuries on Main Street also known as County Road 503. (more…)

Increasing Your Chances of Winning Your Medical Malpractice Claim

Important Documents to Have in a Medical Malpractice Case

When an individual has been injured due to the negligence of a care provider who has acted in a harmful manner, it can lead to devastating consequences. As a victim faces the reality of their situation and possibly permanent harm, they may start speaking with an experienced medical malpractice attorney about their case. However, in doing so, evidence of harm might be required. What will be expected of a victim and what are some appropriate types of evidence? (more…)

Edison, NJ - Trucking Crash Kills Cyclist At NJ-27 & Vineyard Rd

Burlington, NJ – Fatal Pedestrian Accident on County Route 543

Burlington, NJ (September 18, 2019) – On Monday night, September 16th, a 20-year-old woman from Mercer County was killed in a fatal pedestrian accident on County Route 543. (more…)

Pemberton, NJ – Fatal Motorcycle Crash on John Davison Memorial Hwy

Montgomery, NJ – Serious Injuries in Motorcycle Crash on Co Rd 601

Montgomery, NJ (September 18, 2019) – Yesterday, a man was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash that took place on County Road 601 in Montgomery. (more…)

Plainfield, NJ – Fatal Pedestrian Crash at Belleview Ave Intersection

Eatontown, NJ – Pedestrian Accident on US-35 Leads to Fatality

Eatontown, NJ (September 17, 2019) – On Saturday night around 7:45 p.m., police responded to the scene of a pedestrian accident on US-35 that took one individual’s life. (more…)

Edison, NJ – Man Killed in Fatal Crash on New Jersey Tpke

Willingboro, NJ – Fatal Pedestrian Accident on Sunset Rd

Willingboro, NJ (September 16, 2019) – A 64-year-old man was struck and killed by a vehicle in a fatal pedestrian accident on Sunset Road around noon on Friday. (more…)

Jackson, NJ – 13-Year-Old Struck in Scooter Accident on Farmingdale Rd

Lacey, NJ – Pedestrian Accident Involving DUI Driver on Rt 9

Lacey, NJ (September 16, 2019) – On Saturday morning, around 4:50 a.m., police responded to the scene of a pedestrian accident involving a DUI driver on Route 9. (more…)